Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No Rest for the Weary

Hey all, sorry I've been away for the past few days. I had planned to open another discussion on scenarios this week, but the Burning Empires books arrived on Monday! We've been frantically stamping, signing and packaging books for the past few days in an effort to get out as many preorders as possible prior to Gen Con.

Luke and Drozdal managed to get some of them over to the post office today, but not all. The rest will have to wait until we get back from Indy.


Andrew said...

OMG Thor be careful! If that pile falls over it will destroy not only you, but your house!

And I've sent my agents out to Gencon to retrieve me a copy ... Oh yes.

ricmadeira said...

The pre-orders are coming? WOOHAA!! Great news!!

Guy said...

Dayum, when I first saw the picture I thought I somehow got to the wrong journal.

These remind me of actual reading books, heh.

Hope my copy comes soon! :)

buzz said...

Hope my copy comes soon! :)

Same! I was even accosting Luke at the IPR booth about just grabbing my copy there instead of having it shipped. He wisely waved me off in order to keep copies available for the unintiated. "Patience, grasshopper."

I'm also looking forward to the GenCon demo being made available, as I'll probably run BE at the next ENWorld Chicago Gameday. I must preach to the masses!

Guy said...

I need to ask, since currently I'm going to the P.O. anxiously daily, were the sketch copies shipped?

Thor Olavsrud said...

Hi Guy,

I think the illustrated copies will ship next week. We haven't received them yet from Chris. It's a fair bit of work on his end.

Try to be patient though! I saw the first one at Gen Con and it was awesome!

Guy said...

It's ok, just needed to know where we're standing. As is, each day was a bit of sorrow for a copy not arriving.

Now I know it's not yet shipped, so it's all cool!

Besides, I'm working on revising my game right now!

I'm 75% through rewrite now, hopefully it'll come out great.