Saturday, December 25, 2004

The Kolat Tradition

I've been giving the Kolat Tradition in HeroQuest some thought, since James has decided to play a Kolating animist in our HeroQuest game. The trouble is there's very little information available about the Kolating Tradition, aside from this post.

So building on that, here's what I have so far:
The Kolat Tradition
The primary practice of Kolatings is The Seven Winds Practice. Primarily, The Seven Winds Practice has access to Air Spirits, Cold Spirits, and Weather Spirits. The Seven Winds are the Spirit Winds that Kolat controls: North, East, West, South, Above, Below, and No Wind. Of course, these winds are spirits, not the daimone winds controlled by the gods. But they may have similar characteristics. The Kolat Winds are erratic, and not usually strong. They may often carry bits of spirits, including disease spirits, ghosts, and nature spirits seeking to incarnate.

When he opens his Bag of Winds and releases the North Wind, Kolat is sometimes known as the Lord of Snows. North Wind spirits roam freely in winter. They are willful, but can be relied upon to blow a certain way when directed by a shaman. These spirits are similar to the Valind Storms sent by Valind and his minions in Darkness Season and early Storm Season.
North Wind Spirit magic: Blow Relentlessly, Freeze, Hate Summer, Howl.

The East Wind is the dry, savage wind that blows from Prax, scouring all before it. A component of the terrible Urox Storms that come to Dragon Pass at the most unpredictable times, Kolatings are often called upon to propitiate this wind, though it often blows when chaos is near.
East Wind Spirit magic: Dessicate, Scour with Sand, Blast Chaos.

The West Wind is a strong, warm, and moist wind that is generally considered the most gentle of the wind spirits under Kolat's command, but it too can blow with great violence under the right conditions. It can rapidly escalate into the great thunder with little or no warning.
West Wind Spirit magic: Change Weather, Warming Breath, Water Thirsty Plants, Roar with Thunder.

(I'll finish this later)