Monday, July 10, 2006

Burning Empires Approval Copies

The approval copies for Burning Empires came in last week!

Man are they gorgeous! And hefty.

I can't wait to see people flip through this beast at GenCon.


Guy said...

Dammit, this is beautiful.

I can't wait to get MY copy.

And post more, yo!

monkeyking said...

Dammit, Guy! That's what I was going to say! Except that my habit with Luke's games is to want them just after they go out of print.

Thor Olavsrud said...

Thanks guys!

I'm going to make an effort to post more frequently. I've been playing too many games lately and I haven't had a lot of time to write! :)

monkeyking said...


Thor Olavsrud said...

Hey, now that you're good and married, you'll have far more time for playing games. ;)

buzz said...

I know I'm in total fanboy mode, but... I have a feeling that BE may very well be the next Traveller, i.e., a SFRPG that people actually give a crap about.

Guy said...

Damn me, damn me to hell!


monkeyking said...

Buzz, this year we're seeing Burning Empires, Galactic, Bliss Stage, and, of course, Shock: coming out. It's a year of indie SF action.

They're all very, very different games and my hope is that folks will actually give a different crap about each of them.

Thor Olavsrud said...

Totally, Joshua! (Not that I wouldn't be ecstatic if Burning Empires approached Traveller's popularity!)

One of my groups has just agreed to add both Galactic and Shock: to our schedule! :)

Guy said...

I'm sorry.

Bliss Stage is a game about Emotions. The colour is Sci-fi, but the issues and themes are decidedly on the emotional curve.

This time's recent surge in emotion heavy games: Breaking the Ice, Bliss Stage, Misery Bubblegum, Panty Explosion, Shooting the Moon...

Jon Hastings said...


Games with Sci-Fi color = Sci-Fi games.

Burning Wheel is a fantasy game even though it focuses on Beliefs.


monkeyking said...

Jon, I can't tell you how strongly I disagree, but we'd need Thor's blessing to discuss it here, or we can take the discussion over to my Forge forum.

Guy, in my opinion, Bliss Stage is science fiction about emotional connections.

And Thor, I'd be ecstatic if Burning Empires reached Traveller's level of popularity. I'd be all, like, "I know that guy!"

monkeyking said...
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Jon Hastings said...


I'd be happy to discuss it wherever. (Short version: essentialist/Platonic genre definitions drive me batty, although I do see a benefit in being more specific when it comes to sub-genres, etc.).


More-on-topically: I saw the approval copy of BE at the Strat and it is soooo beautiful that I had to restrain myself from buying it then and there. But I figured it would be better to leave for someone who hasn't pre-ordered it.


Guy said...

Now we have all three possible options up :)

And Jon, I think Star-Wars is unabashedly Fantasy.

Nathan P. said...

I held Luke's copy at DexCon.

I stroked it as well. I couldn't help it.

To quote Tony: "You know, there's setting the bar. And then there's setting the bar TOO FUCKING HIGH."

Type cannot express my admiration (and jealousy) for the effort and pure awesome that you guys put into that game.

Thor Olavsrud said...

Hey guys,

I'm more than happy to have a discussion about genre conventions and definitions here. I'll start a new thread.

Drozdal said...

that's my arm!

Thor Olavsrud said...

Drozdal said: "that's my arm!"

Quiet you! Back to work! :)

Drozdal said...

ok mom!

(don't you want to know what t-shit i was wearing that day ?) ;)